Momoland Import & Export Co., Ltd. Was Qualified as a National Animation Company
Release:Momoking  Time:2012-11-22  Read:8485
  • Recently, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation jointly published the list of newly qualified national animation companies and key animation companies in 2012. Xiamen Momoland Import & Export Co., Ltd.  was on the list, becoming one of the national animation companies of 2012.

    It’s said that it was to promote the development of cartoon industry, to improve the core competitiveness of animation companies, to set examples for the industry and to boost the healthy growth of the industry. The qualified companies are outstanding ones in China. According to the relevant policies, the qualified companies with the certificates can enjoy tax preference on value-added tax, business income tax, business tax, import tariff, import value-added tax and so on.

    Momoland Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, a big animation company that aims to develop original Chinese cartoon brand, to produce TV and film animations and to design, manufacture and market its derivatives. The animated Momoking series were based on the well-known Chinese classical masterpiece “Journey to the West”. We have created a series of lively and lovely cartoon characters via the Chinese-style animations, comics, novels and other related works. Being qualified as a national animation company makes us confident and determined to produce more quality animations. We will make some contribution to Chinese cartoon industry and realize our brand goal – MOMOKING turns up, fairy tales come true.


    Link to the List:


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