“Adventures of Momoking” Won Baihua Literature & Art Award
Release:Momoking  Time:2014-07-09  Read:8736
  • The winner list of the seventh Fujian Baihua Literature & Art Award has been publicized lately. “Adventures of Momoking”, produced by Xiamen Momoland, won the honorary award.

    Fujian Baihua Literature & Art Award is the highest comprehensive award for literature and art in Fujian, held every three years and awarded by provincial Party committee and government. The seventh Award received 853 works of 12 categories: literature, films (including animated film), TV plays (including animated TV series and televised documentary), radio plays, dramas, folk arts, acrobatics, music, dancing, fine arts, photography and calligraphy. 27 of them won honorary award, 17 first prize, 50 second prize and 98 third prize.

    “Adventures of Momoking”, featured animated series of Xiamen Momoland, has been favored by many viewers since its premiere in 2010 for the adorable lively Momoking, interesting story and positive value. It has won several national awards, making it an excellent Chinese animated series. Winning one more award this time, we become more confident and determined to produce original quality animations. Hope we can make a contribution to the development of Chinese cartoon industry as so to realize our brand dream - MOMOKING turns up, fairy tales come true.



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