MOMOKING winning again …..
Release:Momoking  Time:2015-06-05  Read:5328
  • The fifth award ceremony of Literature and art was held at the People´s Theatre for commemoration of Comrade Mao Zedong´s "On the Yan´an Forum speech," published 73 years. MOMOKING LIMITED’s outstanding domestic original cartoon " LITTLE GREAT HERO MOMOKING" won the fifth Xiamen Literary Arts Award Encouragement Award by many election voted on MOMOKING’s lovely image and positive energy of exciting scenes.
    The Award of Xiamen’s literature and Art is recognised the highest award comprehensive Xiamen municipal government established in the field of literature and arts in Xiamen. This award is reviewed once every three years. This year for Xiamen Literary Arts Award takes 6years from the beginning of 2008 to the end of 2013. This year´s Prize has increased new features from the original 10 (literature, fine arts, calligraphy, theater, opera, dance, music, film, television, photography) to the current 11 and the new features is folk crafts classes.
    MOMOKING LIMITED is a famous animation company and develops original Chinese cartoon brands, produce TV and film animations, design, manufacture and market its derivatives. We will contribute to the prosperity of Chinese original cartoon, innovation on licensed products and brand developments. We believe that MOMOKING turns up, fairy tales come true!



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